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"Who dares to teach must never cease to learn."  (John Cotton Dana)


Throughout our own lives, we've been influenced by countless people. As our lives progress, the sources of influence on our lives grows. What started with parents, family, and teachers, now includes authors, clergy, news, seminars, the Internet, etc. As we continue to be exposed to new ideas, our attitudes and ideologies evolve. Whether it's the result of maturing, discovering new facts, or being presented with a fresh point of view, we evolve.

As coaches, we have a responsiblity to these youngsters and their futures. We are not the only influence they will have, but we cannot be dismissive of our role.

Prepare your players to compete. Prepare them to respect. Prepare them to have fun. Commit to giving your best effort to your team. Strive to teach them the benefits of competing, giving their best effort, and accepting the outcome with grace and dignity. Teach them the skills they will need to move on to the next level. And those skills are not limited to the physical. Teach them the strategy and the theory. What you pass along may not only be heard by the next Babe Ruth... That child may be the next great umpire, or the next great coach.

As we help to form the skills, attitudes, and personalities of our youth, it is imperative that we seek out different techniques and theories of instruction. To that end, the WTLL will collect an assortment of information to assist you in teaching the wonderful game of baseball. We will post a number of articles, quick tips, and videos to cover all aspects of coaching. It's the league's hope that these additional resources will assist every coach in developing the talent of each player on the team.

The benefits will be had on multiple levels.

  • The children will enjoy the game more
  • Their skill sets will be enhanced
  • They will be better prepared to advance to the next level of play
  • The children, and the league, will be in a better position to compete outside of "town ball"
  • A deeper talent pool will help Winslow's Middle School and High School
  • Keeping them in baseball (or even another sport) will ulitmately help produce better citizens and a better community

If you come across any information that you feel can enhance our "library," contact a member of the WTLL Board to get it posted on the site.

Now... Let's Play Ball!